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VIA Education


สถาบัน VIA Education ออสเตรเลีย เปิดสอนหลักสูตร Human Resource Management, Leadership & Management, Project & Management, Marketing & Commutation, Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning), Kitchen Management (Cert IV) สถาบันตั้งอยู่ใจกลางเมืองซิดนีย์ ออสเตรเลีย


  • Human Resources

    • BSB40420 Certificate IV in Human Resource Management 

    • BSB50320 Diploma of Human Resource Management 

    • BSB60320 Advanced Diploma of Human Resource Management 

  • Project Management

    • BSB40920 Certificate IV in Project Management Practice

    • BSB50820 Diploma of Project Management

  • Leadership and Management

    • BSB40520 Certificate IV in Leadership and Management

    • BSB50420 Diploma of Leadership and Management

    • BSB60420 Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management 

  • Marketing and Communication

    • BSB40820 Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication

    • BSB50620 Diploma of Marketing and Communication

    • BSB60520 Advanced Diploma of Marketing and Communication 

  • Hospitality Management (cookery pathway)

    • SIT40521 Certificate IV in Kitchen Management

    • SIT50422 Diploma of Hospitality Management

    • SIT60322 Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management

  • Graduate Diploma

    • BSB80120 Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning)

VIA Education

VIA Education

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