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Welcome to Invercargill where dreams are possible!

Welcome to Invercargill where dreams are possible!

Prepare yourself to take on the world from the city of Invercargill, where dreams are possible! Invercargill is a city with a big heart. Its vibrant, multi-cultural community welcomes all nationalities and faiths. Here you are able to find affordable living within walking distance of your course and shopping centers. Many students have no need to spend money on transportation when living near Invercargill's easily accessible town center. Sport lovers will find a multitude of high level teams and clubs to support as well as many leagues to join, whether you're after a bit of healthy competition or in it for the fun of the game. Local sporting facilities include a world class indoor cycling velodrome, water based hockey turf and an Olympic sized swimming pool. If you are interested in socialising, Invercargill boasts excellent cafes and great culture, with live bands playing regularly at many establishments. Get out of the city and you'll find a wealth of stunning natural environments, from the coastal Catlins and Stewart Island to Fiordland - New Zealand's first national park and a UNESCO World Heritage Area. Invercargill has all the benefits of a big city without the noise, traffic and attitude. We're also close to other popular destination such as Queenstown, Te Anau and Dunedin. From here you will find opportunities to further explore New Zealand and New Zealand culture while gaining qualifications for the world.
The Southern Dream — Jason Kerrison
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